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Hospice care specializes in care for those facing life limiting illnesses. Hospice Care is more then just caring of a paitent in the final days, it is more physical, social and emotional care given to a person. Hospice patient care is done at the patient's home or a home like facility. Our certified staff is able to provide a patient and their familes with the care they need with the life expenctancy they were given.

Patients living in a nursing facility or long term care facilities can receive specialized visits from physicians, nurses, and social workers, in addition to other care and services provided by the facility.

Hospice patients and their loved ones are cared for by a team of certified doctors, nurses, social workers, and therapists working together in a team to address the patient's and family's needs. In addition, hospice care will help provide medications, supplies, equipment, and hospital services.

Hospice care is fully covered by most major insurance companies. It is provided by Medicare nationwide, by Medicaid in most states, and by most private health insurance policies. To be sure of coverage, families should check with their health insurance provider.

Choosing a Hospice Care Provider isn't easy. One of the best ways to choose is to ask questions. We here at Los Angeles Hospice are more than happy to help you understand our services and how we might help you and your loved ones out. Patients have different needs, as well as their familes and knowing what to ask us will put your mind at ease on how we take care of our patients and their loved ones. Give us a call (800) 520-7057 and see what we can do for you and your family.

Our All-Inclusive Package Includes

  • All medication,e quipment and supplies

  • Case management services

  • Best-in-class pain control and symptom management

  • Family counseling on bereavement

  • Emotional and spiritual support

  • Fast response and notification system for change in condition

  • Bathing and personal hygiene on-site and at home

  • Adjustments can quickly be made to maintain comfort

  • Extended nursing services are available for periods of medical crisis

  • Respite program offered to primary caregivers, as needed

  • Residential or Nursing Home hospice care – where we come to you to provide service

  • Continuous care – we can provide rotating daily care so that you or your loved one need not be transferred to a hospital

  • Clean, lovely, welcoming on-site in-patient quarters

  • On-site and on call spiritual advisors of all faith and belief denominations

  • Compassionate and highly knowledgeable staff

  • Dedicated medical practitioners

  • Kind, loving nurses and personal aides

  • Exceptional references from families we have served

  • Reverence for the human condition

  • Support services to family after loved one has passed

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    Each patient at Los Angeles Hospice is a family member. We are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that our patients are always comfortable.

With compassion and warmth, the team provides care management and symptom control according to the wishes of the patient and the family.


       CALL TODAY: (800) 520-7057

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    Flagship Care Services

  • Our nursing team is available 24/7

  • We always have a physician on duty to provide medical services.

  • Our family care representatives are Social Workers and Personal Care Aides ready to go the extra mile to make sure your loved one knows someone is always there when you can’t be there and when you are.

  • We are always available to talk, educate or counsel our patients and their families.

  • Our team is your team.

Los Angeles Hospice National Quality Approval
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